Phallic Worship


Phallic Worship By R. A. Campbell

Phallic Worship

R. A. Campbell

Type: Scanned PDF.

Pages: 204

Illustrations: Yes

About The Book: An outline of the worship of the generative organs, as being, or as representing, the Divine Creator, with suggestions as to the influence of the phallic idea on religious creeds, ceremonies, customs and symbolism, past and present.

Excerpt: “RELIGION is man’s worship of invisible power of powers, of of an invisible being or beings — which he conceives of as like himself, but superior to himself; and which he usually denominates God — or the gods — or the divine. Worship consists of the adoration bestowed upon this divine; of thanks for favors received and prayers for favors desired from this divine, and of obedience offered or rendered to the supposed requirements of this divine power or person — conceived of by the worshiper — as like himself, but superior to himself.”


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