If your picture of perfect holiday presents immersing yourself with nature, these could be one of the ideal destinations for you. Visiting most stunning places on earth and combining it with any activity, you will get most healthy holiday destinations. Snow covered forests with the breathtaking frozen landscape, colored with amazing aurora borealis are just some of few extraordinary nature wonders in Finland. With cozy log cabins which will provide you extra comfort and make a great spot to combine with winter sports.

One of many nature jewels is called Iceland with its outnumbering waterfalls, hot springs, and caves. Including mountain biking, sea kayaking, or whale watching with your nature exploring there just can’t be any mistake to experience a spectacular wonder.

The most dramatic natural scene with spectacular rocky peaks covered in snow is found in Swiss Alps. The possible clean air with green valleys and colorful wildflowers will make you feel successful in every escape of civilization effect. An awe-inspiring sight is for sure Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park. Dramatic cliffs together with fjords and dense forests present unique geology. If you are not a lover of camping, you may find nice cabin or cottage to rent. Completing all of some activities like canoeing or hiking will make total adventure worth remembering.

As a real jaw-dropping sight, Durmitor National Park in Montenegro is a nature art piece. This beauty includes many river canyons of which most famous is canyon if wild river Tara. It even provides you to cool down in the middle of the summer by entering ice cave with cold water dropping from the ceiling. As a little warmer spot of nature art, Dominica is an obvious choice for any nature lover. Unique mud baths, hot springs, rain forests and outnumbering rivers with waterfalls present an outstanding landscape.

Snorkeling lovers will for sure find the British Virgin Islands as one of their dream destinations. Sheltered sea pools which are formed from giant granite boulders make perfect places for relaxing sensation. Also, same amazing experience may be found in Palau, islands of western Pacific Ocean with its many lagoons and powdery sand beaches.