There is a new world order for those who like to party while on holidays. Before it used to be a guarantee between few towns in the world that you are in one of world’s party capital. But things have changed significantly. Competition is huge today and still growing. Just a decade ago some of today’s best party destinations were far from travelers maps. For sure it is a pleasant change for tourists. Even though Serbia was kept for many years off the map because of bad press, this time is gone. Belgrade rocks today with its party reputation. Varied nightlife begins from bars and restaurants in the Skadarlija, over house and techno clubs all over town, to summer clubs on the banks of Sava and Danube rivers.

Argentine capital still holds his oldest reputation as great party jewel among party lovers. Great mixture of European and South American cultures provides ultimate experience and lively nightlife. Jazz clubs, Irish pubs, local folk, house clubs and amazing festivals are just some of the options in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. These people dance to live, and dance classes here are just a must thing. Berlin as one of the best cities to party presents a home of the famous nightlife scene. From underground techno parties, rock and alternative events every night is just too short in Berlin. Munich with it can’t miss Oktoberfest attracts millions of people all around the world.

Las Vegas is the host of the best pool parties in the world altogether with the richest nightlife in casino resorts. Usually is said that these casino spots don’t have a clock so nightlife has no limits. Tel Aviv in Israel is a Mediterranean treasure for party lovers. A wide range of bars, pubs and cocktail venues offer their services from early evening, fill up by midnight from where people just transport to many dancing clubs until the end of the night.

For more exotic lovers there is always Bali in Indonesia which offers beside remarkable surf spots a huge range of late night parties, beach raves, and crowded streets. Ibiza in Spain, an old party timer is not any less exotic and provides world’s largest DJ performing list at its most famous foam parties.