Just mentioning a word Italy leads you to a world rich in art and architecture with a heritage extending all the way to antiquity. Visiting Italy just to rest is a mission impossible, turning your head in any possible way gives you a view of breathtaking monuments telling unbelievable stories from far history. Spring and autumn are best months to visit and feel the total experience of ancient remains of Pompeii, great monuments of Roman Empire, a wealth of Renaissance architecture or sweet pleasures of Sicily shores.

In sometimes everybody has to experience the magic of Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. This ruined city lies on top of mountain accessible only by train or few day trek. To make the best experience and appreciate all its beauty it is best to visit it from April to October.

Enlightened mysteries were always magical temptations. Today we still don’t know how Egyptians made their Great Pyramids so precise. Visiting this amazing destination in fall or spring, all the way from great Cairo and his world famous pyramids of Giza to Luxor, an ancient town with great Valley of the Kings.

Greece provides not only rich architecture and history of ancient Greek culture, but it presents a birth place of Western civilization. Not only mainland but also outnumbering islands will lead you to amazing sites spiced up with great Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle. It is best to avoid tourist season with hordes of people and periods of high temperature and visit it during spring or autumn.

There are also many destinations that require little more effort and time for traveling but give you back much more. One of these is Japan with its many ancient temples and geisha spots all the way to the modern side of flashing neon lights. If you visit it during March and April, you will experience a magical time of glorious cherry blossom season. In the neighborhood, The Great Wall of China will leave you breathless as a massive construction and human achievement. If you are more into closer Asia parts, go to India, land of huge energy and many colors. From great monuments like Taj Mahal to colorful marketplaces you will learn something much more different, especially if you go in October or March.

It is really hard to narrow down the list of mind-blowing things to see in the whole world, just start with making your own.