Wedding Ring Style From Around The World

Wedding Ring Style From Around The World

If you’ve just gotten engaged, we congratulate you! You’re about to embark upon a beautiful journey with your partner. We understand that you’re probably busy deciding the budgets, venue, caterers, guest lists, decorators, photographers, and so on, but it is crucial to get clarity on your wedding rings. Jewellery is expensive, and wedding bands are no different from the rest.

Many people have troubling finalising their wedding ring designs. With the plethora of options available today, the selection process might become tedious. Unless you and your betrothed already have a ring set in mind, it will be very confusing to decide on the rings. This confusion is not gender-specific, and both sexes have an equally rough time finding a ring that expresses their unique journey together.

When choosing a wedding ring, always try it on for size and to see how the design will look on your finger, recommends Katie from Orla James. The shape, width, metal, and pattern must be comfortable for everyday wear since you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. Women can also match their wedding bands to their engagement ring. Many women like to match or contrast their engagement rings and wear the wedding and engagement rings together for added value.

Let us try to make your life a bit simpler and help you finalise your ring with the help of a few wedding ring styles that are trendy, yet good looking.

Shared Prongs Rings

Shared prongs rings are the most popular wedding ring type. A row of diamonds is set in the metal of choice without a metallic border to enhance the shine of the diamonds. The brilliance of sparkling diamonds is brought to the fore with sturdy prongs set firmly together to hold the diamonds in place. The final look of the ring is one of the endless diamonds that reflects and sparkles with changes in light. Many women enjoy wearing this style of wedding ring since it compliments almost all engagement ring designs in any shape or pattern.

Traditional Wedding Bands

Traditional or classic wedding bands are timeless in their grace and beauty. Made from a single metal with a classic court to the design, the bands fit snugly against the skin. This ring style encases a rounded exterior to match the interior. Usually, the most familiar shape for the majority of the people, most trendy couples are mixing the metals to create a design with different colours. The traditional metal used is usually gold or white gold. However, traditional wedding bands are now also being made with intertwining strands of rose, white, and gold metal in a D-cut conventional wedding band. Without any embellishments, engravings, or etchings, these wedding rings are a timeless classic.

Eternity Wedding Rings

Eternity rings are the new favourite for many women. These rings look gorgeous with engagement rings, and both end up looking like a readymade set from the start. A diamond eternity band has the gemstones wrapped around the entire finger without a break in the pattern or design. The same ring style can also be made using other precious and semi-precious stones to add more significant meaning to the couple. Eternity patterned rings offer the wearer the chance to see the brilliance of the stones from any direction they choose. The stones are set in a manner that reflects light off the ring adding to the sparkle and mystery surrounding the finger.

Vintage Wedding Rings

Many jewellers offer new rings in vintage patterns. Sometimes, rings get old, lost, or broken, and cannot be handed down through generations. Antiques inspire vintage rings and have greater detailing work and craftsmanship to the design. The intricacy of the pattern adds to the olden look of the ring and invokes a sense of age. Delicate scrollwork patterns, tiara designs, diamond baguette patterns, and coronet styles are some of the vintage looks you might choose. Despite the many modern couples opting to get married, the vintage design in wedding rings still holds a dear place in their hearts. These wedding rings are known to bring back the glory of the romantic eras of the past straight to today’s modern world.

Men and women’s wedding rings come in many patterns and styles. The pairings that can be made with these rings are endless. Some women also prefer stackable wedding rings to add to every special occasion, while some prefer the classic band. Men also have plenty of patterns they can select from, and you both should take great care while picking your rings together.

8 Travel Essentials

8 Travel Essentials

Most travellers know the feeling of having forgotten something once they leave their homes. Planning, or having a list of essentials ready, helps in being methodical when going on a trip. Trips are not always planned like holidays, sometimes they are impromptu, like work trips. Last minute trips can be stressful since you are unsure of what to pack and how much to carry on you. Several things should be considered first – these are always the essential things or items that you should always have on you.

Having a reminder to pack your essential items first, before your belts, makeup, and hair dryers is a necessity. Most hotels, holiday homes, resorts, and suites, will have basics like a dental kit, shaving kit, and maybe a hairdryer. What these places won’t have is your preferred brand of moisturiser, face wash, and necessary medicines. The most important thing to remember is to leave your packing stress at your door.

Let us help you with a few travel essentials for wandering souls. This list will help de-stress all of the packing anxiety you might experience.

My Passport!Travel Documents: When traveling, carry originals and color photocopies of your passport, travel insurance, driving license, and medical insurance. In case of an emergency, if you misplace any of your originals, the photocopies will help in obtaining newer ones from the local embassy. In case of sightseeing in crowded areas, you can also leave your original documents in the hotel room and carry only copies.

First Aid Kit: Carry ample Band-Aids, pain relaxant, muscle relaxant gels and creams, antiseptic liquid, medical grade gauze, hand sanitiser, insect repellant, and mosquito repellant. You should also stock up on heat pads, eye drops, a thermometer, and cotton balls. Ensure all these things are within the expiry period to avoid any adverse effects.

Medicines: Frequent and infrequent travellers should carry any prescription medicines they need. Medications that help treat conditions like motion sickness, flu, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, fever, cough, body ache, body pain, and cold are essential. Apart from these, another useful medicine is Dihydrocodeine. An analgesic, Dihydrocodeine helps decrease joint pains, bone pains, the pain of medium to extreme sciatica, nerve pain, and arthritis. Dihydrocodeine tablets are perfect to take away with you on your travels

Soap!Toiletries: Pack smaller bottles of your daily toiletries. Most products used daily are available in smaller quantities or travel quantities at local drugstores. Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, sunscreen, combs and brushes, moisturisers, deodorants, best outdoor tanning lotion and lip balm. Men should carry shaving foam, safety razors, electrical razors, and after-shave lotion. Women should stock up on razors, feminine hygiene products, makeup, and makeup remover. Apart from these, do not forget to pack in-ear buds, ear plugs, eye masks, and a Swiss knife with bottle opener, corkscrews and a pocket knife.

Snacks: Living in hotels and ordering room service can be expensive. Always carry some healthy and dry meals in your baggage to snack on at odd times. A packet of peanuts, some energy bars, a few biscuits like Oreos and Digestives, will help keep your hunger at bay. Another essential thing to carry is small sachets of mineral salts that can be dissolved in water and consumed. These salts help in keeping severe to medium dehydration at bay.

Sewing Kit: This might sound quaint, but a sewing kit can be a godsend when you have a wardrobe malfunction. If you are traveling for work and are carrying a limited number of clean shirts, then losing a button can be a horrifying experience. At such times, quickly sewing a new button or using a safety pin to keep your clothes intact can work miracles.

Music for the TravelsElectronics: In today’s world, being socially connected at all times is the need of the hour. Carry universal adapters for your laptop, mobile chargers, camera chargers, and notebook chargers. Do not rely on the hotel or resort to provide you with a universal adapter, since many hotels do not keep enough units of universal adapters.

Basic Clothing: If you are traveling for work, carry ample formal wear and footwear. If going for pleasure and holiday, carry t-shirts, pants, socks, lightweight clothing that can be worn in layers, rain jackets or ponchos, inner-wear and underwear, dresses, skirts, hats, swimsuits or trunks, sweaters, comfortable walking shoes, and sleepwear. Ensure you pack smart and make small rolls of all clothing to fit your luggage size.

Best Nightlife Destinations

Best Nightlife Destinations

There is a new world order for those who like to party while on holidays. Before it used to be a guarantee between few towns in the world that you are in one of world’s party capital. But things have changed significantly. Competition is huge today and still growing. Just a decade ago some of today’s best party destinations were far from travelers maps. For sure it is a pleasant change for tourists. Even though Serbia was kept for many years off the map because of bad press, this time is gone. Belgrade rocks today with its party reputation. Varied nightlife begins from bars and restaurants in the Skadarlija, over house and techno clubs all over town, to summer clubs on the banks of Sava and Danube rivers.

Argentine capital still holds his oldest reputation as great party jewel among party lovers. Great mixture of European and South American cultures provides ultimate experience and lively nightlife. Jazz clubs, Irish pubs, local folk, house clubs and amazing festivals are just some of the options in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. These people dance to live, and dance classes here are just a must thing. Berlin as one of the best cities to party presents a home of the famous nightlife scene. From underground techno parties, rock and alternative events every night is just too short in Berlin. Munich with it can’t miss Oktoberfest attracts millions of people all around the world.

Las Vegas is the host of the best pool parties in the world altogether with the richest nightlife in casino resorts. Usually is said that these casino spots don’t have a clock so nightlife has no limits. Tel Aviv in Israel is a Mediterranean treasure for party lovers. A wide range of bars, pubs and cocktail venues offer their services from early evening, fill up by midnight from where people just transport to many dancing clubs until the end of the night.

For more exotic lovers there is always Bali in Indonesia which offers beside remarkable surf spots a huge range of late night parties, beach raves, and crowded streets. Ibiza in Spain, an old party timer is not any less exotic and provides world’s largest DJ performing list at its most famous foam parties.

Nature Lover Destinations

Nature Lover Destinations

If your picture of perfect holiday presents immersing yourself with nature, these could be one of the ideal destinations for you. Visiting most stunning places on earth and combining it with any activity, you will get most healthy holiday destinations. Snow covered forests with the breathtaking frozen landscape, colored with amazing aurora borealis are just some of few extraordinary nature wonders in Finland. With cozy log cabins which will provide you extra comfort and make a great spot to combine with winter sports.

One of many nature jewels is called Iceland with its outnumbering waterfalls, hot springs, and caves. Including mountain biking, sea kayaking, or whale watching with your nature exploring there just can’t be any mistake to experience a spectacular wonder.

The most dramatic natural scene with spectacular rocky peaks covered in snow is found in Swiss Alps. The possible clean air with green valleys and colorful wildflowers will make you feel successful in every escape of civilization effect. An awe-inspiring sight is for sure Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park. Dramatic cliffs together with fjords and dense forests present unique geology. If you are not a lover of camping, you may find nice cabin or cottage to rent. Completing all of some activities like canoeing or hiking will make total adventure worth remembering.

As a real jaw-dropping sight, Durmitor National Park in Montenegro is a nature art piece. This beauty includes many river canyons of which most famous is canyon if wild river Tara. It even provides you to cool down in the middle of the summer by entering ice cave with cold water dropping from the ceiling. As a little warmer spot of nature art, Dominica is an obvious choice for any nature lover. Unique mud baths, hot springs, rain forests and outnumbering rivers with waterfalls present an outstanding landscape.

Snorkeling lovers will for sure find the British Virgin Islands as one of their dream destinations. Sheltered sea pools which are formed from giant granite boulders make perfect places for relaxing sensation. Also, same amazing experience may be found in Palau, islands of western Pacific Ocean with its many lagoons and powdery sand beaches.


Best Historical And Cultural Destinations

Best Historical And Cultural Destinations

Just mentioning a word Italy leads you to a world rich in art and architecture with a heritage extending all the way to antiquity. Visiting Italy just to rest is a mission impossible, turning your head in any possible way gives you a view of breathtaking monuments telling unbelievable stories from far history. Spring and autumn are best months to visit and feel the total experience of ancient remains of Pompeii, great monuments of Roman Empire, a wealth of Renaissance architecture or sweet pleasures of Sicily shores.

In sometimes everybody has to experience the magic of Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. This ruined city lies on top of mountain accessible only by train or few day trek. To make the best experience and appreciate all its beauty it is best to visit it from April to October.

Enlightened mysteries were always magical temptations. Today we still don’t know how Egyptians made their Great Pyramids so precise. Visiting this amazing destination in fall or spring, all the way from great Cairo and his world famous pyramids of Giza to Luxor, an ancient town with great Valley of the Kings.

Greece provides not only rich architecture and history of ancient Greek culture, but it presents a birth place of Western civilization. Not only mainland but also outnumbering islands will lead you to amazing sites spiced up with great Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle. It is best to avoid tourist season with hordes of people and periods of high temperature and visit it during spring or autumn.

There are also many destinations that require little more effort and time for traveling but give you back much more. One of these is Japan with its many ancient temples and geisha spots all the way to the modern side of flashing neon lights. If you visit it during March and April, you will experience a magical time of glorious cherry blossom season. In the neighborhood, The Great Wall of China will leave you breathless as a massive construction and human achievement. If you are more into closer Asia parts, go to India, land of huge energy and many colors. From great monuments like Taj Mahal to colorful marketplaces you will learn something much more different, especially if you go in October or March.

It is really hard to narrow down the list of mind-blowing things to see in the whole world, just start with making your own.